The Lab is run under the guidance of Clayton Hilmert, Ph.D. in cooperation with graduate students in the Department of Psychology and the valuable assistance of undergraduates at NDSU. We are always looking for new people who are motivated and interested in our research to work in the labs. If you are interested in getting involved please contact us.

Clayton J. Hilmert, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

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Angela Bagne, M.S.

Health/Social Psychology Ph.D. Student





image1.jpegHeidi Rued, M.S.

Psychological Clinical Science Ph.D. Student

My interests broadly include the associations between childhood trauma and adulthood health outcomes as indexed by stress physiology.



Anna Strahm, M.S.

Health/Social Psychology Ph.D. Candidate

My interests are in stress and reproductive health. With current research focused on stress, gestational diabetes, placental development and American Indian pregnancy.