Health/Social Psychology Reading Group

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Spring 2019 Book Club!

What is NDSU H/SPRG?

The NDSU Social Psychology Reading Group (SPRG) was formed Spring 2006 with the goal of offering NDSU graduate students and faculty opportunities to meet and discuss topics related to social psychology in a less-academic, more-social environment.

In the past, H/SPRG has met every other week in a casual atmosphere (e.g., Jitters Cafe) to discuss an article suggested by an attendee a week beforehand. Any NDSU graduate student or faculty member can attend SPRG meetings.

If you are interested in being included on the mailing list, please contact Clayton Hilmert at

Spring 2019 Book Club!

Previous Topics

The NDSU Department of Psychology Health/Social doctoral program focuses on the interaction between health psychology and social psychological principles. Coursework covers topics such as personality, emotion, groups, stress, and psychophysiology with a strong emphasis on how these are related to health.