Welcome Fall 2020

Welcome everyone! We are saying goodbye to the summer, and getting ready for the start of the term. There have been some changes since our last lab update.

Congratulations to Angela Bagne for a successful Major Area Paper defense at the start of Summer! In collaboration with Dr. Glynn’s Lab at Chapman University, she is composing her dissertation on maternal stress effects on infant regulatory responses.

Welcome Garrett Byron as a new graduate student to our labs and to the psychology department at NDSU. Mr. Byron has a background in both sociology and psychology.

Stephanie Miller, an outstanding research assistant with our labs since 2019, will continue acting as lab manager while finishing her research based undergraduate honor’s thesis.

Research in the Mind Body and Baby Lab, and Stress Psychophysiology & Health Labs will be continuing during the 2020-2021 academic school year. In response to a heightened need to protect participants from viral transmission, our lab will be closed to participants for the first part of the term while we update our protocols. While this year will be different, and may present an array of challenges, research at our labs will adapt and persevere.